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Do you travel often? Me too – I’m based in Christchurch but often travel to NZ’s major centers – If you’d like to meet in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch then contact me below to find out when I’ll be there next.


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Getting (re) Started

Getting (re) Started

5 years earlier... 5 years ago I chose to put Techhappy on the back burner and focus on family life and health. I put the business to sleep, archived my website and ghosted my social media. I've done a little bit of tech work in the intermediary, even returned to part...

Tip: Organise your home screen

If you spend much time at all with your phone then you'll definitely need to organise your home screen icons. Out of the box your smart phone has got a basic layout. Once you've played around a bit you'll have some favourite apps that you should have quick access to...

Free Wifi? Don’t do it

Free Wifi? Don’t do it

The kind folk at Te Papa offer free WiFi - much like many cafes, restaurants and hotels around New Zealand. Just like anything you do online there are some T&Cs that apply... and despite the hassle we should all read them once in a while. On my recent trip to...