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Balance your tech

Trust your technology, make it balanced – so that it works for you, when and where you need it to. Not sure if you can keep up with all the techno-speak of an IT expert? TechHappy is your independent tech-translator.

Review your Digital Life

Keep your digital life under control with a comprehensive digital strategy & regular reviews. Know what you’ve got online, have backups, secure your data and rest easy.

Best Settings?

Want to know how to follow today’s best practices? Making the most of your technology can be as easy as having the right settings

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Welcome to TechHappy, I’m Morgan, a digital and tech expert with over 10 years of industrial automation experience.

I specialise in helping high-level executives and top-tier professionals navigate and optimise their digital lives.

With a wealth of experience in both technology and automation, I have a deep understanding of the latest digital tools and trends and have become a trusted advisor for leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve.

From setting up and maintaining social media accounts to improving productivity, streamlining workflows and creating digital strategies – I have the skills to help busy executives make the most of their digital lives.

Connect with me today to see how I can help you reach your digital potential!

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Managing your digital footprint

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to manage your digital footprint. Your digital footprint is the trail of data that you leave behind as you use the internet, and it can include everything from your social media posts and online shopping habits to...

Biases in Technology – Part 1

TMI - Too Much Information I love technology, it's interesting to me, but biases have always intrigued me too. Biases in technology are therefore doubly interesting to me. Our brains are really pretty great at filtering out too much information. We usually do it with...

Setting font & size correctly increases comprehension and speed

Setting font & size correctly increases comprehension and speed

Image by Capucine from Pixabay Here is a link to the media release from the University of Central Florida who did the research: https://www.ucf.edu/news/study-shows-personalized-fonts-speed-up-reading-maintain-comprehension/ University of Central Florida researchers...

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