5 years earlier…

5 years ago I chose to put Techhappy on the back burner and focus on family life and health. I put the business to sleep, archived my website and ghosted my social media. I’ve done a little bit of tech work in the intermediary, even returned to part time engineering work for a while, but there’s something about technology that just keeps ticking over in my mind.

I’m so grateful for every bit of help that I received getting TechHappy started. Now it’s time to try and get it restarted – but with 5 extra years of life behind me, it might look a little different than it did before.

It’s going to be a slow start, but I know I can help people get the best from their technology. Now more than ever I know that people are getting overwhelmed by their tech and need a structure and framework for dealing with it.

There are just so many things that technology does for us now, that we are forgetting that we live for the journey. Sometimes the best way to get the most out of our tech is to give it a service, put it down for a while, reset it or forget it entirely. We just don’t have a culture of digital hygiene yet and that is where I think Techhappy needs to come back to.

So watch out for some new tools from me that will help keep you digitally sparkling and TechHappy!

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