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Morgan Wilson

Morgan Wilson


Morgan is an ex-industrial automation engineer turned tech-mentor. Mother of 2, wading through digital life, sharing tips and creating tools to solve 21st century problems. She’s making life easier for those of us with real life technology, dented plastic and cracked screens.

The TechHappy story began on a tropical island, in the break between Christmas and New Years, relaxing with family in the aftermath of another year of corporate life. Like so many businesses, TechHappy was started in response to a deep frustration. One size doesn’t fit all – it doesn’t work with socks, with hats or those plastic rain ponchos at theme parks either. And it sure doesn’t work with technology!

Fiona looked up from her smart phone – ‘How is it that you are so fast with your phone?’ I answered, ‘because I’ve got it set up just the way I like it. I try to never push more than 3 buttons to do anything. I’ve tweaked all the settings and moved all the buttons to exactly where I like them. To where it makes sense to me’.

‘You’d want your phone set up differently than mine’ I said. We spent an hour together, streamlining and organising, personalising and tailoring her tech, so that it really was configured just right, so that it made sense for her and was less frustrating, and more fun to use. Soon everyone else lined up to have the TechHappy treatment too.

I called it a digital review, like a WOF for your tech – a quick check over and few tweaks and adjustments to keep things running smoothly.

But I still had a day job, as an automation engineer. I worked for a local systems integrator doing industrial automation after having completed a Bachelor of Science in Electronics at Canterbury University in 2008. As an Industrial Automation Engineer I travelled all over New Zealand designing, coding and commissioning industrial systems for some of NZ’s favourite brands. So you know that when “Computer says no!” I can find a way to change that.
After talking through the TechHappy idea with a number of friends and business associates I realised there was a need for people to have a more productive and rewarding relationship with their technology.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a smart phone, home automation or staying ahead of how disruptive technology is going to affect you or your business – it’s important to be clear about how to get the most from technology. Against that backdrop, I decided it was time to launch TechHappy, which meant taking the uncertain plunge from the security of a salaried position into self employment. I’m exceptionally glad I’ve made the transition, thus far TechHappy has helped people make better use of their LinkedIn profiles and social media presence, completed market research on technology trends for private enterprise and government agencies, and designed training courses to help people navigate through the pitfalls of privacy and security in the online world.

I’d love you to be part of the TechHappy story by allowing us to help you make the most of this increasingly tech-connected world.