“I’ll just check my calendar” you say as you reach into your pocket to pull out your phone. You fumble and instantly regret that you didn’t put your bag down before you started the manoeuvre. Your phone lands face down, and so does the rest of your day because that screen is never. going. to. work. again… Disaster recovery plans are for governments and big corporate entities though right? Not for regular, every day people, right? right?

How long would it take you to recover from this?

My cellphone’s screen cracked today afte... by rafael-castillo, on Flickr

It’s not if your technology will be unusable, but when?

If it’s more than 5 minutes longer than the time it takes to get a new one in your hand then you’re backup’s aren’t working for you. That sinking feeling that perhaps something is lost for good, that you’ll never see those photos of your wee puppy again, that you can’t remember the exact location of the next meeting in your calendar, that it’ll be over by the time you work out where it was shouldn’t be an issue in this day and age. After all what is all that privacy-scare inducing, always on connectivity good for if it can’t save you in an emergency?


Never lose your favourite photos – Always check your backups


If you’re spending hours each month running backups (or forgetting to) then your technology isn’t working for you in its’ current setup. It’s a horrible feeling finding out you should have done something before things went wrong so here’s a list of things you definitely need setup in advance to save yourself the heartache:

  • Set up Find my Phone Android / iPhone
  • Automatically backup photos
  • Save your contacts (securely) in the cloud
  • Enable Automatic Backups
  • Configure your security settings

It’s well worth sitting down and spending a couple of hours running through your whole technology setup and making sure you’re covered on all bases, do it every time you get a new device, and every few months thereafter. It’s easier every time.

Not sure how to do it? Well it’s platform dependant anyway, so if you’re not sure how to get started give TechHappy a call.


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