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Looking for technical support services?

Stop worrying and wondering if your technology is secretly trying to do you in. If you want your technology to be more efficient, less frustrating and fun to use then it’s time to get TechHappy.

You don’t know what you don’t know, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered on the technology front with our highly personalised TechHappy technology services.

  • Perfecting Profiles

    This group session includes a profile shot with a professional photographer and sets up your professional profile so you can be proud of your presentation online.

    Perfect my profile

  • Digital Review

    The digital review helps you see around digital corners, find out what you need to do to keep your tech in line… and online…

    Tell me more

  • Security Review

    Are you worried about your security online? If not you should be, victims of internet fraud peak at age 45-54 in NZ *Statistics NZ via

    Lock it up

  • ICE Pack

    In case of an emergency make sure your phone is able to help emergency responders contact your family, or friends

    Put some ICE on that

  • Perfecting Profiles – Private

    Can’t make the group session time? No worries, you can still have the perfect online profile. We’ll do a professional profile photoshoot then get busy updating and polishing your profiles.

    Perfect my profile

  • Personal Tech Cover

    Sometimes things break. Sometimes the fix is unclear. Some things are just easier to discuss with someone you know and trust.


  • Online Research

    Want to know something specific but don’t have the time to do the research yourself? Thorough research can be time consuming, get out and do something you’ll enjoy while we put it together for you.

    Find Answers

The packages above are designed to start you off on your TechHappy journey. If you’ve got some tech that’s bothering you and it’s not included in one of the standard packages above just ask us about it.

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