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Security Review

Your security online is just as important as it is offline. You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked when you go out, don’t leave your digital front door open either. When you complete a security review you’ll know exactly what (or who) is able to access your data.

In your Security Review we’ll:

TechHappy list item imageDo the 2-step:

Make it as difficult as possible for anyone to hijack your accounts by enabling 2-step authentication.

TechHappy list item imageClose old accounts, active sessions and block old devices:

If you’re not using them, no-one else should be either. Especially if you’ve gifted them to someone else.

TechHappy list item imageHelp you install and configure your own password manager:

Can you really remember a strong, unique and mutable password for every login you have? We explain and you choose which management tool suits your needs. Then we’ll help you set it up – so you know exactly how it’s protecting you.

TechHappy list item imageReview privacy settings:

Know what has access to post on your behalf. We’ll help you cancel access for things you don’t want/need. No more weird stuff posting on your behalf.

TechHappy list item imageEncrypt Backup Pass codes:

Never get locked out. Save an encrypted copy of your backup access codes to store in your safe or fire-proof storage.