Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

Every year, month, day, and interaction you have with your digital technology there are things to look for that tell you about the health of your systems. The problem is it’s not clear what all these things are! Some people have spent a lot of time with technology and have slowly absorbed the advice of what to look out for. What seems strange, and what is normal becomes second nature – or seemingly a mystic art. In our own bodies we know what to look out for to keep ourselves healthy – even if we don’t always follow through on those things 100% of the time. Here in Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Basics we’re going to cover off the most important aspects of managing our technology. 

Part 1: Keeping safe online

Not sharing passwords, or accounts

Not sharing too much on public platforms (understanding who can see what)

Avoiding screen addiction

Scam advice – how to report and what to do about objectionable material

Blue light exposure (Setting up screen lighting schedules)

Cleaning schedules (devices internal and external)

Managing storage

Reviewing activity logs

Understanding tracking online and the risks

Managing digital emergencies (lost/broken device – preconfig)

ICE setups – Return contact details on phone.


Part 2: Disaster Recovery Preparation

Cloud storage review

Understanding storage needs and availability

 3-2-1 Backup, three backups, 2 storage mediums, 1 being remote


Part 3: Avoiding Screen Addiction

Managing Dopamine ups and downs from the social media slot machine (chaos machine)

Device Setup – Alarms, notifications, Screen brightness and font/icon sizes.

Recognising and prioritising your sources of community and connection (relationships)



Part 4: Content Strategy

When, why, who, where, how, what “Should I post?”

My social media presence on _______________ is about ___________________________________.

My social media presence on facebook is about connecting with family abroad.

My social media presence on _______twitter________ is about __________arguing with strangers_________________________.

Be realistic about your schedule (add an interactive here to let the user specify what schedule they want to have.) importnat not just for “social media people”, but regular people as well, to avoid screen addiction.

Having a content strategy, note taking place for what you want to post so you can create or farm out the work of creating the actual content.