Perfecting Profiles 6hours

Use the perfecting profiles course to evaluate your public online footprint. This course is recommended as part of an annual review so you can be sure you’re presenting yourself in a way that aligns with your current values.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

We all know there are things we should be doing that we aren’t when it comes to our digital life, but often we don’t know where to start or if we’ve got everything we need done. The basics will give you just that – the basics on what YOU need in YOUR digital life.


Chapter 2 : Review what you have

Each type of account has different settings and features, but you can’t optimise without a full picture of what you have! Chapter two steps you through identifying, locating and evaluating each online account you have.

1hr. 15min.

Chapter 3 : Identify & fix top priorities

Following on from previous chapters, some things NEED to be updated. Here’s where we step through each account, identify where those accounts sit in your digital life and update anything that needs to be fixed RIGHT NOW.


Chapter 4 : Design your digital life

You know the basics, you’ve fixed up those blaring issues and in chapter 4 we step through again to update your public profiles to suit your current digital life goals.


Chapter 5 : Final tidy up

With your digital life goals fully formulated and applied in previous chapters, it’s time to check through and make sure you’re presenting a united front!


Morgan Profile Pic

Morgan Wilson


Geek Mentor, Mum of 2, ex industrial automation engineer. Morgan helps people make the most of their digital life IRL, dented plastic, cracked screens and real life.

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