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ICE Pack

ICE (In case of Emergency) you may wish for someone particular to be contacted. If you’re unable to use your phone, then you’ll want to know that emergency responders (professionals or passers-by) can call your ICE (In case of emergency) contacts without needing your passcode. Your smart phone is now a digital life services platform that could literally save your life – but only if configured correctly.

The ICE-Pack Includes:

Contact Clean Up:

Stop guessing if you’re calling the right “Mark”. Together we make sure your contact lists are tidy, easy to manage and backed up.

TechHappy list marker image ICE Cloud Contact Setup:

Enable emergency responders to help you in your time of need. We configure your preselected ICE contacts so that they can be contacted from your phones’ lock screen without passcode access.

Set up your SIM

Emergency Responders can still help you even if your phone battery is flat. We configure your SIM to include your ICE contacts. (only works without SIM Lock).

Lock Screen Emergency Info

Make sure important info like known allergies and current medications are accessible to Emergency responders. We configure your phone so that your lock screen can show emergency info without a passcode.