Get TechHappy

What does it mean to be TechHappy?

You know that feeling when you did something on your computer and it just worked? You give yourself a quiet hi-five, that’s being TechHappy. There’s a lot of talk out there about the latest technology and how you need to take advantage of X new gadget or system. There is so much out there that you could use and it’s hard to know what the best option is under your unique circumstances. TechHappy helps you stream-line your current technology, cutting out the stuff that doesn’t work and suggesting new technologies that add value in your daily life.

You make time each year to see your Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer and other trusted advisers to keep everything running smoothly – You wouldn’t leave your health or finances until they are broken, Don’t wait for your tech to leave you hanging. Get the best use out of what you already have and know what’s up and coming (and relevant to you) – Get TechHappy.

Online Accounts

Is social media for you? What kind of value can you get from it? LinkedIn and Twitter are popular, Facebook has over 1 Billion users too. But is it right for you? Or is it going to end up like another one of those unwatered pot-plants?

Safe Storage

Is your data safe where you’ve left it? Safe from a house-fire? Safe from mid-night editing mistakes? Or safe from a thief? Is it always accessible? And have you checked that recently? Your backups should be working for you, not against you – getting the backup back shouldn’t be a painful exercise.


How are your photos stored? CD manufacturers say under optimal storage conditions, with protective coatings, they’ll last 100~200 years… But we all used CD-RW disks didn’t we? Under optimal conditions they can last just 25 years, let’s be honest here – none of us are storing our disks vertically in humidity controlled rooms!!

Sitting down and doing a digital review probably sounds a bit boring – but it’s value will shine through when your tech just works for you.

If you’re ready to get TechHappy then get in touch.