Geek Mentoring

Geek Mentoring is technology advice from a real person.

Your geek mentor, Morgan, at TechHappy will help you make the most of your technology and keep you up to date on what you need to know through regular one-to-one mentoring sessions. Get personalised, practical help when and where you need it.


TechHappy can come to you and help you get your LinkedIn profile looking professional and working for you. Get your profile, security and notifications set up to suit your needs.


Want to set up a Facebook page? or just be sure you’re not over-sharing on your existing page? Perhaps it’s time for a digital cleanse – make sure a potential new employer isn’t put off by that regretful pic…

The Cloud

Find out about ‘the cloud’ and which clouds might be good for you. Some could make you money, some could save you money – and others… well best know what to stay away from!


TechHappy provides confidential one-to-one technology mentoring. Get practical technology advice that’s customised to your requirements. We can tell you more about smart phones or more about keeping safe online – it’s up to you.

Practical Tips

Running out of juice? Learn practical tips to keep your battery lasting longer, how to instantly silence your inconveniently ringing phone and more…


Find out how you can find out. The internet is forever, even more so than diamonds. TechHappy can help you find out about anything online – we’ll even show you where some great data is hiding on the interwebs

New Tech

Home Automation, Wearables, Bitcoins, EEG Neuro headsets… Where it’s going next is almost out of this world. TechHappy can advise you on how you can use these things now, or if it’s just another gimmick.

Personal Training

No workout towel required. First, we’ll do a digital review then give your emails a tune up, transfer your photos, music and other files, and show you how to keep everything in sync with your preferred cloud service.

Travel Well

TechHappy knows that you’re busy and could be anywhere in NZ, or travelling abroad when a tech question strikes. We travel too – although we’re based in Christchurch we regularly travel to Auckland and Wellington.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car you don’t need to be a tech-wizz to use your computer

Don’t like readjusting your car seat after you lent someone your car? Making similar adjustments in your tech can make just as big of a difference! We know you don’t have time to learn all the things, so we’ll start with a digital review and then get your tech set up so that it makes you happy – so it makes sense to you.