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Digital Review

What’s your first impression?

We all check our shirt is tucked in before we leave the house. It’s also important to check you’re looking your best online. Our online lives are often our ‘first impression’ these days. Without careful curation they grow and change over time and may no longer be our best representations. Even more than that our online profiles reflect back onto each of the communities we are a part of. Our digital culture reflects back and forward through our workplaces, volunteer organisations, local sports teams and yes, our families…
Just like our cars get a WOF every year, and an oil change on a regular basis (I hope!) we should all do a regular digital review of our technology.

What’s a digital review?

We help improve your digital literacy, digital culture and digital etiquette by teaching practical skills using your own equipment during review sessions. A digital review with TechHappy is personalised to your requirements. We’ll work together with our real-world friendly digital to-do framework. The framework identifies where you can use digital tools to improve your productivity and your digital footprint.
Here are a few example things that people often learn about in their review:

  • Create and test a 3-2-1 backup of personal files/photos, reducing the risk of losing data
  • Create google alerts for you and your kids/family
  • Review your Facebook privacy settings
  • Improve your online security – and save up to 12 hours a year trying to remember and reset passwords

Do you do digital review workshops?

Digital review workshops are tailored for individuals or small groups. TechHappy will happily come direct to your workplace and run practical digital review workshops. These workshops are tailored to help the individuals within your organisation improve their tech-game.