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Reverse Mentoring

I’ve come across so many digital natives, and so many executives – each who could help the other. It’s difficult to set aside the time to build a long-term mentoring relationship let alone getting out and finding the perfect mentor/mentee who is also available. So I’m applying a typical ‘Digital Native approach’ and asking everyone […]

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What to do when your newsfeed is full of clickbait and fake news

That simply can’t be true! I have caught myself thinking this over and over, more and more often recently. Fake news stories and unbelievably stretched headlines encourage me to find out what the actual story is by clicking. Yep, I’ll admit it… I’m guilty… I am regularly sucked in by click-bait of a certain sort. The sort […]

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How much time do password managers save?

Are you curious about getting started with a password manager? Sure they can securely save your password for you. There’s also a bit of talk about them saving time. Does a password manager really save you time? After all you have to keep signing in to the password manager to get your other passwords right? […]