What now?

So I’ve got it into my head to start a new thing. I’m looking into data science, which is a wonder really – as in “I wonder why it’s taken so long?”, “I wonder how long this will last?” and “I wonder what I’ll learn?”

The first question, why didn’t I look into it sooner, is partly because young kids take a lot of time off your hands, and partly because it seems hard and I don’t really know anyone who knows about it. Of course it’s also because it’s easy to fill your time with something else, and “never get around to it”. I have started now though, and I’m going to write about what I’m learning. Hopefully it sinks in better and I can start meeting other people who know about these things. It is interesting and I’ve learned heaps so far. I’ve just poking around through Kaggle and I’m thinking of doing the standard Datacamp courses.

I wonder how long it will last? Well – here’s hoping the kids leave me with some energy at the end of the day to push into learning complicated new things. Although nothing is more joyful than re-discovering things like “dirt tastes bad” and “picking up broken glass is not as fun as smashing it”, I am glad I’ve had a chance to learn more complex things.

Todays shout out is for things that helped me learn something new today. Thanks so much to the people behind these posts:

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