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I’ve come across so many digital natives, and so many executives – each who could help the other. It’s difficult to set aside the time to build a long-term mentoring relationship let alone getting out and finding the perfect mentor/mentee who is also available. So I’m applying a typical ‘Digital Native approach’ and asking everyone (via a google form/survey) if they’d be interested in attending a half day or a full day event where we can get a group of Executives and Digital Natives together to learn from each other.

What’s reverse mentoring?

It’s the opposite of top-down learning – In reverse mentoring, a junior team member enters into a “professional friendship” with someone more senior, and they exchange skills, knowledge and understanding. – Mind Tools.

Why a google form?

I can hear the executives already – why don’t you just pick up the phone and call everyone you know and ask them? There are a lot of people I don’t know and I’d love the chance to connect with new people, but I also want to make sure to validate this idea in a way that gathers solid info on what people really want to achieve from a day like this.

Where’s the form?

I can hear the Digital Natives too – ‘Hurry up! Where’s the form?? Where’s the link??’ Wait no more, here it is – please pass it on to anyone you think would be interested in attending.

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