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Meme picture of Dell Inspiron 11 Laptop

This brand new laptop is looking for a new home with a young girl who codes and would otherwise not have access to a computer.
Recently a client of mine had to buy this as an emergency laptop when they were out of town and their everyday laptop had a hardware failure. It’s been used for around 1 week of emailing and word processing in an office environment while the older machine was being repaired. It would be perfect for a young upcoming coder to get started with their own laptop, which is why I’m excited to be able to give this away on behalf of my client.

They have asked me to find a suitable girl-who-codes to donate it to. This laptop has already been a life-changer once and can be again for the right young girl who needs a computer to stay on her programming journey.
This is a very basic Dell Inspiron 11 laptop and to ensure it will go to the right person, please share this link so we can find a deserving, committed young NZ #girlWhoCodes to receive this laptop.

Don’t be shy – there’s just a few questions here so that I can get in touch with the lucky girl once we find her.
Share this link to the google form:, or simply fill it out right now.

We’ll be sending this out (or delivering in person) to the lucky girl on the 20th of December 2016, so make sure you get in with her details asap!

Cotton wool cloud with devices raining out of it

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