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TechHappy is a Connect Smart Partner!

TechHappy is excited to announce we are now Connect Smart partners!

“Connect Smart is a partnership that promotes ways for individuals, businesses and schools to protect themselves online. All New Zealanders will benefit if we can unlock the potential of the internet by using it in a safe and secure way.”

Connect Smart Partner

Hooray! Connect Smart Partnership!

We all want a rewarding and productive online experience. Importantly that experience also has to be safe and secure. TechHappy’s passion for effective and secure use of technology is also shared by Connect Smart. We are delighted to announce we are now Connect Smart partners.

But what’s Connect Smart? It’s a public private partnership led by the government’s National Cyber Policy Office (NCPO). That’s part of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Like so many things in the online space – NCPO is pretty new (July 2012) and so is Connect Smart.

Connect Smart will bring together a range of government agencies, non-government organisations, and the private sector to empower Kiwis to make themselves and their businesses more secure online.

Helping Kiwis get the best from their technology is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and we’re excited to be a Connect Smart partner while we’re doing it! We live in a 24/7 online world where we increasingly expect to be able to transact with immediacy and convenience. The rise of the Internet of Things – devices connected over the internet, talking to us, to applications, and to each other – underscores the need to spread the Connect Smart message of protecting yourselves, your businesses, and your families online.

TechHappy helps Kiwis have more productive, more fun, less stressful and more secure interactions with technology.  And that’s our way of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Connect Smart Partners and Members share a commitment with the New Zealand government to improving the security of individuals, schools and businesses online.”

By Morgan Wilson

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