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In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency have your smartphone setup in advance

Before you go away this holiday season (or any time at all really), there’s a few things you should do with your tech, including adding your ICE contacts. If anything should take an unexpected turn you’ll be worrying about one less thing.

Update your ICE contacts. That’s your ‘In case of Emergency’ contacts. They can be called from the lock screen of your cell phone or tablet (with a mobile SIM). If you’re unable to use your phone, then others including emergency responders can call your ICE contacts without needing your passcode.
You should make sure you have at least two ICE contacts in your phone – you never know what could happen, but you’ll know who needs to be called in case of emergency (ICE).

If you have an iPhone you’ll also have the choice to add emergency Medical ID information. You can add more information about your health status, for example listing your medications and allergies.

If you have an android phone and you want to display emergency information beyond ICE contacts then you’ll have to download an auxiliary app; This only works on some android phones though. If you have a critical message you can use the lock screen text area (also called the personal message) to display your important info.

If you have a very specific set of instructions for an emergency responder you can even use a note taking app to write out your instructions, take a screen shot and use that as your lock screen wallpaper. It won’t look great but it could make all the difference in an emergency.

Do you need help to set up your ICE contacts? Get in touch with TechHappy and ask for the ICE-Pack.

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