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This photo of a dinghy on a dock is backed up using 3-2-1 Backup methodology

Don’t lose your precious memories – Make sure you have a backup

You’ve got to set up your backup before you need it. I’ll say that again, because it’s very important. Unless you’re happy to lose all your files, documents and photo memories.

You’ve got to set up your backup before you need it.

So before you head away for Christmas to make more memories you’d never, ever want to lose, and after you’ve checked your smoke alarm, take a look at some of your most precious photographic memories and check that your backup is working.

There’s a few places you need to check:

  1. Check your home computer. When’s the last time the backup ran? Can you access a file from that backup? Is your back-up disk sitting right there for the Christmas grinch to run off with while you’re away?
  2. Check your phone. Isn’t there already a wee crack in your screen? You should make sure that all those photos you’ve been taking are backed up. Check that your kids’ photos are backed up too. Backup your iPhone, or backup your Android automatically, just make sure you have not got it set to “suck battery dry” or “use all my data instantly”.
  3. Check the memory card in your camera. Yep, it’s time to head out to the beach again and take lot’s of photos. Take a spare SD card, but also before you erase that card to make space for more photos, or drop your 10m waterproof camera off the side of the boat, make sure you’ve also backed up all the photos on your camera and spare card.
  4. Your prints and negatives. There are still plenty of photo libraries out there that are only in print and in negatives. Getting your prints and negatives scanned means you’ll be one step closer to having a robust backup of all your important memories.

3-2-1 Backups. You need your backups to be in 3 different places, so that they are robustly protected from all the things that could go wrong. Your hardware could fail any time and it’s easy to lose, break or have our stuff stolen. Sometimes it’s a natural disaster, like a fire or a flood.

Something bad happened and these photos were almost lost forever. Except all the photos in this album have been saved by a backup!!

Posted by TechHappy on Sunday, 13 December 2015

If you would like help to get a backup set up, or to test that your current backup is working then contact TechHappy today. TechHappy provides personalised, confidential technology advice and assistance.

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