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If you’re setting your alarm early for the morning Koru hour flight with Air NZ then not only will you getting up early, but you’ll also be packing light to keep under your carry on limit. Here are my 5 tech tips for keeping your electronics under control so you still have room for all the other things you (don’t actually) want to carry around all day:

  1. Image of upcycled card as headphone holder

    Trim down an expired card to keep cords tidy

    Get your headphones under control and out of your way when you aren’t using them. Up-cycle last years Koru Club card by turning it into a neat earbud/headphone holder. It’ll fit nicely in your pocket and you won’t have to dig around in your bag after they turn off the seatbelt sign.

  2. photo of iPad, smart phone, charger and data cables

    Day trip tech, iPad, smart phone & charger

    Pack a split USB charger combo in your bag (separate box and cord). If it’s just a short trip you can save space by only taking the charger from your tablet. The tablet charger supplies more power and can charge your phone faster. If like me you’ve got an iPad and a Samsung phone then invest in a short micro-USB lead. Plug the micro-USB end into your phone and the USB end into your iPad charger – or even your rides’ cigarette lighter/USB charging outlet. Either way you’ve got enough juice to keep you going. If you’ll be away more than overnight, or you’re going to have some heavy use of your tablet – better take two chargers.

  3. Image of Auckland on Google Maps

    Cache your maps before you leave home/work

    Cache a copy of the city map – especially if you’re heading somewhere you’ve never been before. Do it on WiFi before you leave home. You won’t need to lug around a paper copy and caching the map in advance will avoid any crazy charges on your data plan.

  4. Auckland City AT Hop Card

    AT Hop Cards fit perfectly between the speaker and camera.

    Tuck your AT card, Metro card or Snapper card into the back of your phone case – Just tap on and off with your phone. Most phone cases can fit a card in ok, some cases even have dedicated slots for holding more than one. You won’t have to dig around in your bag when you’re trying to get onto the airport flyer!

  5. The ultimate day bag/satchel. Ideally your bag will weigh less than the stuff inside it. You’re going to want:
    • Quick and easy access to get your laptop and tablet in and out at the airport.
    • A pocket for your phone (or two if you’re rocking a work and home phone).
    • A pocket for video adapters/laser pointer/pens and stylus.
    • Fits in the overhead locker.
Cotton wool cloud with devices raining out of it

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