How much time do password managers save?

Are you curious about getting started with a password manager? Sure they can securely save your password for you. There’s also a bit of talk about them saving time. Does a password manager really save you time? After all you have to keep signing in to the password manager to get your other passwords right? […]

What does the Yahoo breach mean for New Zealanders

That’s right, It’s only happening more and more often. There’s been another massive data breach. This time Yahoo has been hit, with around 500 million accounts compromised. It’s not clear how long the information has been out and about, however it sounds like the initial breach happened in 2014! Unlike a traditional set of keys, […]

My cellphone’s screen cracked today afte... by rafael-castillo, on Flickr

Disaster Recovery

“I’ll just check my calendar” you say as you reach into your pocket to pull out your phone. You fumble and instantly regret that you didn’t put your bag down before you started the manoeuvre. Your phone lands face down, and so does the rest of your day because that screen is never. going. to. work. again… […]